Frequently Asked Questions

I am unsure of which service I need; can you help?

We are happy to consult with you to come to an understanding of your aims and then we can provide a solution that matches. Contact us now and we can get started today.

My emails aren't working, can you help?

Yes, we have a long history in resolving email issues whether it's using an exchange or online email server. We can also setup a new email service with a name of your choosing.

Can you repair my laptop or phone?

We are able to repairs issues relating to the software on your phone or laptop. Whilst we can repair minor hardware issues on laptops if there is a major fault our ability to repair it will be limited. As phones are a specialised device we are unable to repair their hardware faults.

Do you provide onsite services?

Yes, we can book an onsite appointment at time that suits you. Please see our contact page to schedule an appointment.

Do you sell phones, workstations or laptops?

Yes, we partner with a range of National suppliers to provide you with a new computer or laptop that suits your purposes at a competitive rate. We can also migrate all your existing data and software from an existing computer to the replacement. We also offer refurbished workstations at a discounted rate.

Do you support home users and businesses?

Yes, we have a large client base ranging from corporate to the home users.

Which locations do you support?

We primarily support Eastern Melbourne but we can make exceptions for surrounding areas.