Cloud Services

We understand the Cloud can be a confusing concept, we can help simplify and make the Cloud working for you.

The Cloud is just an extension of your network or another term for the Internet. People commonly refer to the Cloud when they are storing and using information no longer located on their premises. For example, email, documents, databases, etc. can all now be stored in the Cloud.

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Businesses are looking for flexible solutions that allow their users to work remotely and effectively. Cloud services allow users to securely access to company information and collaborate in real-time over the internet from anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits of using Cloud Services:

  • Reduces capital cost for hardware purchases
  • Subscription model can be easily increased or decreased as requirements change
  • Reduce IT downtime to your business
  • Provides a collaborative platform for staff to work from anywhere
  • Work real-time within a secure environment
  • Information synchronized across multiple devices
  • Access to Cloud applications, email and files instantly without the wait
  • Files are saved in real-time in the Cloud preventing data loss in case of system failure
  • Cloud to Cloud Backups means consistent and reliable Backups

There are numerous Cloud models available and using our experience we can help you identify what Cloud model will work best for your business. We can also help you plan and transition your business to benefit from Cloud services.

Computerbiz specialises in Cloud solutions for email, applications, file storage, backups and team collaboration which are commonly used in all businesses.

We use & recommend Cloud services in our business so contact us today to discuss how we can help your business also benefit from Cloud solutions.


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